1. Complex, multi-plane exercises are used that load the entire body at once. They are the most energy consuming.
  2. Exercises are combined, combining in one approach or exercise the load on the “top” and “bottom”. This technique increases hemodynamics, which also affects long-term energy costs.
  3. Makes you exercise faster. The faster you move, the more energy reserves you will spend and the more hours your body will have to work at increased speeds – in order to compensate for these costs and shove them into the right places.
  4. Uses unusual, previously unfamiliar or little-used exercises. This technique increases the stress response to stress, making it as tough and unusual as possible. As a result, even if you have many years of training under your belt, you begin to react to training as you did in the blessed initial period – changes occur quickly and with great intensity. Namely – you lose weight with ease.

Benefits of the program:

Full description of the training process

Valuable guidance

Pictures and videos with detailed exercise technique.

Стоимость 18.00$