My experience and knowledge will be useful to you if you want to change your body, but:

  • don’t know where to start
  • not getting the results you want
  • don’t know what is right for you
  • don’t have enough motivation

The PERSONAL PROGRAM I have compiled is a clear plan of action when to train, which exercises to choose and how many reps to do + what, when and how much to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I will discuss with you all the questions that arise online and will tune in to the result.

The training program is designed based on your goals and fitness level.

You will receive not just a set of exercises, but a ready-made tool to achieve your fitness goals: whether it is losing weight, increasing muscles or improving relief, or rehabilitation.

It also matters where you want to train in the gym, at home or outdoors.

I will tailor the program according to your available inventory and capabilities.

I watch all the workouts on video, adjust the technique, point out the pros and cons, and continue to progress!

For those who want to lose weight and burn excess fat

For those who want to improve body relief and quality

For those looking to increase muscle mass

For those who need help with rehabilitation

A workout program with a ready-made scheduled exercise plan for days and weeks. The document will also contain links to videos of all exercises + the number of approaches and reps (weights are selected independently according to my recommendations). The exercise plan is for one month and is presented in * docx format. The program is designed taking into account your diseases, disabilities and injuries.

A ready-made meal plan according to your gender, weight and training goal, where everything will be calculated to the gram. The meal plan will also take into account your eating habits.

Free consultations on all questions you may have during the entire execution of the program (communication 24/7) + (!) The possibility of finalizing the program in the course of execution.

Sports Nutrition Tips: Food-Specific Links + What, How and When to Take.

Detailed instructions with the nuances of using the program.

A unique workout program to reach your goal

Ready meal plan tailored to your eating habits

Accounting for diseases, limitations and injuries

Online tips and tricks

For all skill levels from beginner to advanced
For training both in the gym and at home

Стоимость 57.60$