You have already tried to beat your body in the gym more than once, but you have not received the cherished kg. It’s a shame, right? Everything is fixable. Before you – the beginning of a comprehensive program of gaining muscle mass, which in just a year will make you a decent person.

This weight gain program is not only for asthenics, but also for any person with poor muscle gain.


Who wants to learn to pull up;

For those looking to improve their pull-ups.

To “surprise” the body again without losing the main training goal is the main secret of the success of weight gain programs. My program is divided into five stages, which will be hypertrophic, but each time the workouts are formed in different ways and the main emphasis is on different factors stimulating the development of muscles.

The problem with any effective training program lies precisely in its uniformity and … efficiency. A rapid change in body capacity increases the risk of injury by an order of magnitude. A person who has suddenly become stronger is injured more often, simply because he begins to expect from himself and allow himself more than when he was frail and small in the shoulders. All five programs will last no more than 8 weeks each. This is a sufficient period for adaptation to certain physical activities: if you continue to push further, you will either get stagnant performance or injury.

This annual program is not a methodical abstraction and was personally tested by me on real clients of fitness clubs, ordinary people like you. It is clear that the statistical sample of experimental subjects for one coach is not very large, nevertheless, the average result is a set of 10-15 kg per year.

Стоимость 18.00$